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A food delivery service in Cleveland Ohio offering nutritious meals to those in need.

A Program of Collaboration Station, a 501c3 nonprofit organization



Considering the overwhelming and growing concern over the Coronavirus, we wanted to take this time to let you know we are working diligently to field calls and lend assistance to seniors and the disabled who are in need of home delivered meals during this time.

We are still operating through the "stay at home" Executive Order issued by the Governor. We have received confirmation directly from the Ohio Health Department that our service is still considered what is listed in the Order as an "essential service" documented in the order under section 12 item D.

The procedure below is documented and available to all staff in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our operations plan is as follows:

Kitchen Facilities: Collaboration Station—CCHAP Meals currently operates two commercial kitchen facilities that prepare, package and distribute meals according to current Ohio Health Department food preparation standards. At our commercial kitchen locations we are exercising health and safety precautions including social distancing practices that have been recommended by the Ohio Department of Health so that those that we serve are protected through our food preparation and delivery processes. As the CDC advises that food preparation is an extremely low risk mode of transmission, our focus is on key elements of kitchen hygiene and social distancing. Specifically, we reinforce regular handwashing throughout the day, constant changing of gloves, consistent clearing and cleaning of workstations, end of kitchen day disinfecting, maintaining a limit of only 3 to 6 individuals in the kitchen workspace at one time.

Delivery Dispatching: All delivery drivers (to include paid staff and volunteers) participate in individual in-services with the Executive Director to review safe distancing practices they are to use when delivering food. All are required to use handwashing or hand sanitizers before delivering meals. Each driver is outfitted with personal protective equipment which includes a sets gloves & masks they are to use when delivering to our customers, and are given specific instructions regarding how to complete the delivery of each food package when arriving and leaving seniors’ homes. In addition, drivers receive “permission to travel” letters in the unlikely event that they require additional documentation in order to be out-of-doors during the state’s mandatory “Stay at Home” Order time-period. They are also instructed not to report to work with any sign of illness per CDC guidelines. Individuals who work in our agency office are allowed—when deemed appropriate—to work from home. In the office, staff is limited to only 4 people in the workspace at one time and is required to practice social distancing while present. We continue to actively monitor the guidance from public health and regulatory agencies for COVID-19 related risks so that we can prepare accordingly.